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What is a Sweet Renaissance Sweet Potato Cheesecake?

I have tirelessly tinkered with this recipe so that it isn't too sweet or overpowering on either side.  Not too Cheesecakey, not too Sweet Potato-ish lol.  Instead what you get is a perfect blend between a bakery-fresh Classic Cheesecake & a homemade Sweet Potato Pie straight out of Granny's oven on thanksgiving!

In fact, I have consistently had people who claim to like neither cheesecake nor "sweet potato anything", absolutely love our cheesecake.

This dessert was initially brought to my family as my own personal experiment to deliver something new on thanksgiving. I knew it was pretty great but I never imagined the overwhelming reaction it received to carry over into conversations well past the holiday.  Never did I think requests for it would come months in advance for gatherings & celebrations to come or that friends and distant family would somehow hear about it and want a piece of the action for their own events too! lol

More than anything however, hearing & seeing people sense the love each of our sweet potato cheesecakes are made with is what brings me joy. It is something that truly seems to bring people together.  I believe every great dessert should deliver that feeling. 

Bring one home this holiday season or any time of the year and allow us to provide that same feeling for you & yours!