What is a Sweet Potato Cheesecake?

Think an amazing classic cheesecake meets grandma's delicious homemade sweet potato pie. Blended perfectly & not too overpowering either way, with the just the right amount of everything. What started out as a holiday season hit amongst my family, quickly became a year-round must-have for family, friends and even their families alike. We hope you find the same love & joy in this dessert as so many others have. There is certainly tons of love & joy put into making it for you.

Shipping Ain't Easy...

..But it sure is fun when you get your order in tact!

Which is exactly why we want to inform you on how shipping "the goods" to you works before you place your order.

Ideally, perishable goods such as cheesecakes should be shipped overnight. It is the closest thing to a guarantee that it will arrive safely with even a limited amount of dry ice. Overnight mail can be painfully expensive though and most times up to 3x the amount of the price of your order. Like you, we think that sucks and wanted to come up with a way to make shipping more inexpensive without risking the safety of your order. After several attempts and some good old trial & error, we have done just that!

All Orders are shipped frozen via Priority 1-3 Day Mail using a USPS Large Flat Rate Box, as much Dry Ice as we can fit in that box (typically up to 8 lbs) and a quality Insulated Container. This allows us to ship successfully within most of the U.S. However please be advised that this is completely contingent upon the size/weight of your order and the place of destination for your order.


Being that we ship out of the North East, the states within and closely surrounding that territory will be able to select our basic shipping option with little to no worries. (We have actually never had a failed shipment to these areas)


For those territories outside of the greater North East we highly suggest that you select our additional shipping coverage option. It typically takes an extra day to get to states within this category. This means we need to provide a larger shipping container so that we may add more dry ice to your shipment to keep it frozen as long as possible in transit.

We will continue our work to update & streamline the shipping process as we grow. If you have doubts as to which territory you fall under or have any questions at all, please contact us.

For orders larger than 15 lbs or that equivalent to more than 3 deep dish cheesecakes, please contact us first so that we can ensure you receive appropriate shipping rates & service.

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